Cut work

'Unthinkably, Susan Knight has monumentalised those flimsy plastic tags used for tying up commercial bread bags. Knight has laminated enlarged versions of this ugly clip, giving them a mirror finish and taking the ubiquitous shape to unprecedented glamour. A large array of them is installed in the corner at Linden, creating a tiled pattern, as in some posh hair salon.

Knight’s extrapolation of the insubstantial fastening has a poetic dimension, confounding the design with op art and the chunky décor of the 1970s. So the conflation of the bread tag to the prestige of chic ornament is a paradox, a strange promotion of the tacky to stylish authority.

Though bizarre, this is the kind of inventive power that art has always sought. An artist contemplates subject matter – probably handled by others in the past – and seeks to reinvest the material with new moods, skills and techniques or symbolic content.'

'Show your wit, but not your poetry'

Robert Nelson - The Age, August 2007

‘Show your wit, but not your poetry’ Robert Nelson - The Age, August 2007